The Swan

Since 1996 the Erasmus bridge (Erasmusbrug) in Rotterdam brings you over the Nieuwe Maas river. Because of the elegant shape its nickname is the Swan. Also because of the priest, philosopher, teacher and humanist Desiderius Erasmus born in Rotterdam. After the port activities moved more westwards in the late 1980s there was need for a bridge. In order to connect the busy North with the forgotten South of the city.

Most noteworthy is that the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam is a bascule bridge. The bascule part has a length of is 89 meters and opens several times a day. The Erasmus bridge is 802 meters long, 139 meters high and 34 meters wide. Architect of the Swan is Ben van Berkel.

During evenings the Erasmusbrug and Willemsbrug in Rotterdam with all the lights look fabulous. So take your camera and start making amazing pictures! Here is the location!

erasmusbrug erasmus bridge rotterdam zwaan swan architecture