From 1990 hangs a billboard in Rotterdam saying that Melly Shum Hates Her Job. This attention-drawing billboard is a non-commercial one by the artist Ken Lum. It is supposed to raise many questions that perhaps clearify the text and picture. All by the Melly Shum Hates Her Job sign in Rotterdam.

A closer look at the work shows not a product, costs or a phone number. Despite the large red and blue words next to the woman’s image. On his own way Ken Lum wants to raise people’s awareness about how numb they are for such advertisements. As a result people automatically connect words to images which attracts to the actual billboard.

Find out more while in the popular Witte de Withstraat passing the Contemporary Art Center on your way towards the second Make It Happen artwork and ask more questions. Who is Melly Shum and does she really hate her job? Why does she hate her job? Where does she work? Above all why does she smile if she hates her job? Here is the location!

melly shum ken lum witte de withstraat rotterdam