Lift me up

The artwork Elevazione in Rotterdam is by Giuseppe Penone. Hence the title Elevazione which is Italian for elevation. The elevated tree is based on the Arte Povera style. This is a contemporary art movement and means Poor Art.

This fallen tree is covered with bronze by the artist Giuseppe Penone. Altogether four alder-trees and one beech-tree carry the bronze elevated tree. Furthermore the alder-trees came with the artwork in the year 2001.The bronze tree’s roots leave their tracks in the growing tree trunks. Therefore marking the expired time and exactly Giuseppe’s goal.

It is nearby the Zonder Titel sculpture by Richard Artschwager. As a totally different piece of art Elevazione in Rotterdam is the product of a fallen tree from Italy. Once in the forests around Turin and now an artwork in Rotterdam. Here is the location!

elevazione giuseppe penone rotterdam street art elevated tree