Should I stay or should I go?

The AUB sculpture by Henk Visch in Rotterdam is neighbors with the Kunsthal. Actually it is bought and placed illegally there in 1996 by the former Kunsthal director. Due to local laws not allowing any artworks in the Museumpark. However still in the beautiful park.

The title AUB stands for “Au mijn benen” meaning “Ouch my legs”. The two bronze legs by the artist Henk Visch are almost sitting or standing. Likewise the position of an ice skater. The legs with a height of 3.10 meters weigh 800 kilograms.

Beside AUB sculpture Henk Visch has an other artwork known as the Marathon statue in Rotterdam. Also visit the various exhibitions of the Kunsthal after posing with to the bronze legs. Here is the location

aub au mijn benen henk visch street art rotterdam