High as it gets

Since 2006-2010 the Maastoren in Rotterdam is the highest building of the Netherlands. It is part of the beautiful architecture and skyline in Rotterdam. The Maastoren is partly built in the river Nieuwe Maas. And toren is Dutch for tower. That explains the name Maas Tower. Also water from the river is used heating up the building. The building is by Dam & Partners, Odile Decq Benoit Cornette and OTH architect agencies.

While natural stone covers the lower outsides the aluminum plates cover the rest of the Maastoren in Rotterdam. These aluminum plates have 22 different shades which cause the colors to change from darker to lighter during different temperatures.

The Maastoren in Rotterdam exists out of of 2 parts. Its taller part is 164,75 meters high with 44 floors and the lower part is 108 meters. Furthermore pole on top reaches 177,7 meters. The building has a total surface of 69.000 minside. All office space and parking. There is a 10-level parking garage with 637 parking spots. Two of these parking floors are even underground. A total of 500 piles carry the entire construction. There are 12 elevators and three of them move with a speed of 22 km/h.

With the Belvedère leaning over the area the Maas Tower stands tall with all its colors. Here is the location!

maastoren architecture rotterdam