Fata Morgana

The Delftse Poort building (1988-1991) in Rotterdam is by architect Abe Bonnema. It is in the Neo-rationalism architectural style.

Altogether the entire building has a surface of 106.000 m2. The highest tower (41 floors) is 151 meters high while the lower tower (25 floors) reaches 93 meters into the sky. Together they provide 65.000 m2 office space. In between the Delftse Poort towers is a lower situated substructure that is 36 meters high with a surface of 15.000 m2.

Further the Delftse Poort building stands on a foundation of 957 piles. There are in total 28 elevators and parking spaces for bikes and cars inside. The outside is covered with reflective sun-resistant blue glass.

The Delftse Poort in Rotterdam is a location for multiple companies, entrepreneurs, flex-workers and others. Inside the middle part there are several facilities for food, drinks, sports and more. 

Another prestigious building nearby is the City Hall (1920). In the Rotterdam Central District the bright Delftse Poort towers are like a Fata Morgana. Here is the location!

delftse poort torens towers rotterdam architecture