Beautiful view

As the first high building on the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam the Belvedère looks over the area since the year 2000. The construction started in 1998. The building is also known as the Toren op Zuid. That stands for Tower on South. Locals name it like this, the official name is Belvedère. However, most call it the “KPN gebouw”. The KPN building. Because Dutch telephone, internet and television provider KPN occupies it.

kpn toren op zuid belvedere renzo piano architecture rotterdam

Belvedère is a architectural term from Italy and literally means “beautiful view”. Tower on South is because the building stands in the South of Rotterdam. The building now is part of the relatively new neighborhood Kop van Zuid. The Head of South.

Designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano the Belvedère leans 6 degrees over the area. Therefore it is supported by a 50 meters long steel pilar. The building is 96,5 meters and 23 floors high. The front of the building has 896 green lamps meant for animations during big events. Like a billboard. Only this one has a 90 by 40 meters size. Under the building lays a two layer parking garage with space for 254 vehicles.

The Belvedère was built and therefore contains offices for Dutch Telephone-, Internet- and Television company KPN. In 2017 the headquarters of KPN moved from The Hague to Rotterdam. That’s why the tower is expanded with more space for a meeting center, restaurant, conferences and a auditorium. All by all an eye catching plinth designed by V8 architects. Of course with consent of the architect Renzo Piano.

Did you know that the Belvedère (6°) leans more over than the leaning tower of Pisa (4°)? Also that it is in line with the cables of the Erasmus bridge? Find out for yourself by clicking on Location!

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