Rotterdam Pages, your online and offline guide. Started out of passion for the city and meeting new people while guiding them. This platform is build based on the daily questions we have received. Questions from where to eat, drink, visit to where to look for housing. We noticed that this city was missing a 24/7 guide. On our platform we started answering all these questions. Including an events calendar where you can find the coolest happenings in town. From small art galleries to the biggest festivals in the city. This is our biggest pride, as it has a high range of daily visitors. Started as an offline guide, now we grew in to an online guide for all.


We believe that Rotterdam Pages will become the most visited online guide from Rotterdam. Therefore we are always looking for other businesses to grow together with. Our aim is to start a network with start-ups, to support each other. From the food industry to the Port, it’s all connected. Rotterdam Pages can be the direct link, as our focus is about connecting the ‘dots’.